randomness + a news

as i stare at the ceiling,
i hear the whirlpool of thoughts,
swirling with heavy winds of cries,
as fast as the fan above rotates in,
the faster my emotions,
dance in my brain,
i see my bed comforting me,
it holds me, my pain and the sorrow
i carry everywhere,
i had only asked for a shoulder to lie on,
but i have a place to rest in,
it holds me, without complaining,
irrespective of the people here,
i lay expressions less,
my tune of thoughts continues to play on,
i don’t want to control them,
i let them unbound to feel the freedom.

I just wrote this very randomly and hence that title.


Your girl has something coming up! Guess what? I’m a part of a s-h-o-w.

It’s not yet a year since I started writing poems. Poetry, writing and this blog changed my life in various ways. I discovered myself more than ever as I started spending most of the time in my own company. I tried out different writing styles and so much in which, one of them was Performing Poems. I participated in an open-mic back in February and that’s how this venture started.

This upcoming show is on August 1, Sunday, 2021 from 8 pm IST onwards. Here’s the Link. Click on the link to grab your tickets.

Looking forward to see you all in the event! ❀


42 thoughts on “randomness + a news

  1. Truly Freeing Yourself

    In Love Within

    Is Truly

    Freeing Others

    For Their Love to Find
    SMiLes Congrats Hemalatha

    On Your Upcoming Performance

    Keep Writing Within Expressing Without Planning




    Than Breathing Love Free..:)

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  2. living on the ceiling is what I do,
    wondering what’s going on down there,
    no where actually to go,
    seeing all the wants and needs of others laid bare,
    I have no choice but to look and stare,
    from the tiniest of rooms to the hallways and stairs,
    I’m stuck with this observational glare,
    how I do long to kick off my shoes,
    look in the mirror to pick a spot or brush my hair,
    to bawl out loud,
    to laugh so loud,
    to be with a crowd,
    but I’m too shy and do not dare,
    so please,
    look up now and then,
    for all the ceiling people who are so proud,
    that you, yes you, found the ground,
    get out there and be so loud that all the ceilings come tumbling down,
    ceiling people out and proud,

    *good luck with the gigging and giggling too I hope *

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  3. Awesome poem even though it was random! I’m really disappointed missing your show announcement. I’m just now checking out your posts. Don’t know how I missed you Ig post as well!


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