Dan Grinwis- Unsplash

In the vast barren land,
I walk and walk,
Seeking an end,
So as in Life.

Like plants in desert,
I thrive to survive,
Among deceivers and
fake humans.

I strive to bloom
And the drizzles
Of Rain and Love
soothe my soul.

People leave traces,
Many are scars,
That I embrace.

Found Oasis there,
And Hope here.

Picture courtesy: Pinterest

This post is in response to Sadje’s What do you see #46 .

Thank you so much for reading!πŸ™‚


51 thoughts on “Oasis

  1. Super inspirational!

    I am not very experienced with writing poems and I have to write one for English class tomorrow. Reading this brought up my mood and made me get started. I might put it up on my blog if the final version comes out well.

    Thank You & keep going!!!

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