Hello Wonderfolks!🖤

Hope you all are doing fine!

Here are the 18 Things that LIFE taught me:

1. Envy consumes itself.

2. Everything here is a lie.

3. You get more by giving more.

4. Never take what isn’t yours.

5. Appearances are often deceptive.

6. Expect the unexpected.

7. Words either heal or dishearten.

8. Timing is everything.

9. Accept what you can’t change.

10. Evolve and revolve.

11. There’s a blessing in the Storm.

12. Everything has an end.

13. All that you overworth will end up hurting you.

14. Give their rights before you fight for yours.

15. Make every moment count.

16. Trust wisely.

17. Everything in the world is a trap.

18. Live and let live.

I believe that the lessons our Life teaches all of us are endless. I shortlisted it to ’18’, coz I’m turning 18 today!

Yes, another year where life teaches shitful lessons, make me face the harsh reality and force me to accept undeniable facts.

Birthdays give me some sort of excitement, but I don’t wait for a special day to celebrate my presence. Self-appreciation and self-faith are the two, I truly believe in. What’s life without them? They are my priorities and I never fail to appreciate and admire myself.

Birthday is just another day when the old acquaintances revisit life and long lost cousins suddenly reappear to prove their existence.

Yet, I cherish all their special wishes and blessings. They are worth a billion to a girl like me who finds happiness in every bits and pieces.

As I grow older, the responsibility that lie over my head scare me, but the kid in me will live forever (only forever I believe in), and irritate, confuse, bewilder people around.


The blog that I started just to while away time has hit 500 followers! Yes, my blog has received 500 follows!

Being a person who loses interest in everything after a point of time, be it humans, hobbies or whatever! Blogging and writing is the only thing that I haven’t given up for so long!

Apart from this, it was also a platform that made me explore a lot about myself. In almost 5 months of blogging, I managed to get trustable audience who regularly read the posts and leave genuine comments. I’m always grateful to all of you! This blog is definitely the greatest thing that happened to me in 2020!

No exaggerations; my happiness lies here!

Thankor keeping me going!❤️

Thank you so much for reading!🙂


159 thoughts on “18.

  1. Great 18 points. I am sure you must be following all these.

    May every sunrise fill you with greater glory and energy
    And every sunset give you content and peace.

    Continue writing. Only writers can right this world.

    Best wishes.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, Sir. I’ll surely follow them since that’s what life taught me so far.

      Thank you so much for your blessings, Sir. I cherish blessings, not everyone around me is lucky enough to get blessings from people some different corners of the world!🥺❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Okay, I’m quite late to arrive here, but I really can’t believe you’re 18! Your writings have the depth, meanings and maturity of a person much older! I love the contents in your site soooo much! Letter to my son, letter to my daughter, the world of a blind, etc.. Just extremely empathetic and beautiful ☺️


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