They scare,
They spook,
They threaten,
They torment,
They haunt.

Not just the Ghosts,
some Humans here too.

This is just a random stuff that was here on the draft for so long. I don’t know I felt like posting it today might be because I met a group of HUMANS after months…

Thank you so much for reading!πŸ™‚


83 thoughts on “They.

      1. Yeah, I do πŸ˜‚ there is something wrong with my Hungama channel these days but I watch it when I canπŸ˜‚. Almost all my classmates do 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

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    1. Thank you so much, Sir!πŸ˜‡
      Yes, you are right. Inhuman acts on humans and other living beings on Earth.
      I felt that it would be quite harsh if I use ‘many’, I came across ‘a few’ people who are genuine and kind. I didn’t want to put them down.😊 The usage of ‘a few’ says it all…

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    1. Oh, wow! Such a lovely comment this it. I’ll cherish this forever! I was little hesitant before publishing this post but was overwhelmed with the response.
      Thank you so much for reading, ma’am!❀️


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