She applies truckload of makeup,
glittering saree,
darker shade of blood red lipstick.
She bleeds inside and outside.

In the dark,
she stands, in the tollgates and bus terminus inviting the unknown guests.

Her genitals screams every night,
screamed in pain, disgust and agony.
The society which call her the epitome of impurity, a coquette and a slut,
has no name to gentlemen, who knocks her door
to satiate their lust.

She lost her viridity before virginity.
She was raped and thrown away at 10,
family abandoned her.
If there was a soul to rehabilitate,
a girl’s life would’ve been preserved.

She vaguely remember the day,
she was pushed into this ditch.
Her body is a grave of fireflies that never glows and her soul is induratized.
Blinded are the hearts who pay her,
who discarded considering her a sin.

Did she ever come with a pricetag to buy or is she a house to rent for hours?
She’s home to grief and distress;
despair and anguish.

When she gathered all the courage to
say NO,
the constitution still says YES.

If love and lust are connected. Why did no man love her?

Viridity: Naive innocence

Why is Prostitution legal in India if it ruins the lives of woman? The statistics of surveys are so disheartening. I can’t find a conclusion to this poem so, it’s a question.

Thank you so much for reading!🙂


83 thoughts on “AGONY BEHIND HER ROUGE.

  1. This was such a powerful poem Hema. Years of bigotry towards the female gender has given birth to an absurd ritual all around the world. Merely being treated as instruments of satisfying lust, some turn human beings to animals. I was watching a documentary on the similar issue and they showcased how many volunteer organisations are working hard to provide them with food during these tough times. The documentary also portrayed how many women who leave this racket will come back as whenever they apply for another job, their address details give away their previous occupation. An excellent issue you have brought up.

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  2. Such a screaming poem Hema, and i have no idea why this has to be legal at all yet talking about these girls who were thrown so early in this hell hole, I am certain majority of them want to change their lives, and yearn it to abandon to start a new.

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    1. Guten Tag Herr NARAYAN KAUDINYA

      Die Einsicht
      dass es schwer ist
      eine Frau
      die ich begehre

      mit meiner Lust
      dass ihre Menschenwürde
      verletzen könnte
      sie nicht

      Frauen sind keine Dinge

      die Gewalt der Triebe
      sie zu unterbinden
      das ist keine Frage

      Frauen sind das
      aller menschlicher
      dem braucht es
      keine Erklärung
      keine Fragen
      zu stellen

      Freundlich Grüße
      Hans Gamma



      The insight
      that it’s hard
      a woman
      that I desire

      with my lust
      that their human dignity
      could hurt
      they don’t
      to touch

      Women are not things

      the power of instincts
      to stop them
      this is not a question

      Women are
      Most important
      all more human
      it takes it
      no explanation
      no questions
      to deliver

      Best regards
      Hans Gamma

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  3. I am shocked that it is legal in a country as religious as India.
    Thank you for pointing this abnormality out. If we all write about it perhaps we could get the attention
    of some organisations capable to deal at least with those girls who want to be helped.
    Thank you for reading my posts.


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  4. Prostitution is legal in most parts of the west. They call these women “sex workers” using language to legitimize the trafficking of sex. I wonder if sex workers are any less victimized than prostitutes. I think not. Modern feminism has frankly made things worse.

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  5. Smiles Seen
    The Pain of
    Women Shamed
    In Love With




    A Sold


    Where Honestly

    If The Soul

    Is Not

    In It

    A First

    And Not

    Last Night

    Marriage of

    Rape Yet of

    Course Not

    For Them



    And Consensually

    Desiring To

    Do Sex


    As many

    Other Ways

    Humans May

    Not Desire to




    For Pay

    And We Ask Why?

    And We Ask?




    Is Too Painful

    In Light To See

    The Power



    To Caste And

    Cast Away


    In Most

    Every Culture

    Existing Now

    The Suits and

    Ties Of Golden

    Robes Jobs



    Raping The

    Freedom of

    Human Soul


    As Insane Changed


    In Terms



    Soul Wings

    Naked Of All







    WingS AGAiN

    Yet You

    See my


    i Am

    Not Here

    To Blend In

    On Eagle’s Wings 🦅

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  6. Hema, I think if we could see where a life of prostitution begins, we would find that it is not the first employment choice. It may begin with poverty, neglect, homelessness, abuse, or rape as a child. Both girls and boys are caught up in this life.

    Making prostitution illegal might work if the “Johns” were also prosecuted. Where prostitution is legal in the US, it is well-regulated, with testing for diseases. Prostitutes are protected from manipulative and abusive pimps.

    Thank you for writing about this painful topic, Hema. It would be good if we could offer rehabilitation opportunities to these individuals.

    Have a happy and healthy 2021. ❤

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  7. This is such a powerful poem that questions society’s twisted ideologies and it’s overall hypocrisy. It’s quite saddening to hear that this horrendous act is legal in the country…..

    I also like how you’ve managed to amplify the bitter truth by asking the readers that very question. By doing so, it would surely put the readers in a thought provoking state.

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  8. So much maturity for such a young person! I’m impressed that you’re thinking of all these issues. I have my views on this which might be difficult to understand but I don’t see any wrong in prostitution being legal. If someone willingly wants to make money that way – it should be their choice. But that’s where the issue arises – it should only be legal if someone wants to willingly do it – all other forms of prostitution should definitely be made illegal.

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    1. Haha. Thank you so much, Mokshaaa Sis.❤️

      I do agree your point. Girls who involve in this with their own will is fine but the life of few proportion of who are pulled into this is a question mark isn’t it? It’s hard to escape from their threats…
      I came across a video in YouTube years back this poem is a result of its influence, I guess…😅

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    1. Thank you so much, Wardah!❤️
      I was waiting for you to read the post…🥺
      You’re are definitely one among the sweetest person here on WP. I’m so happy that we got this connect.
      Happy New Year, Wardah! Keep sharing your beautiful works with us❤️

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      1. Aww you’re so welcome Hemalatha! You’re also one of the sweetest people I’ve met on WP 🥺 So happy I found your blog and you!!! Happy new year to you, you’re amazing 🎉🤗💛

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  9. Peerless and powerfully written hems… This is not gonna change … Shame but yet a reason to grow ourselves more powerful and stamp those souls of sins and wash them from the entire world (seems to be impossible… But this is how I feel every time I hear these kinds of incidents). Very disheartening indeed! But sincerely i don’t know how to answer the question… yeah .. see I forgot… Beautifully penned and no words to express … Wonderful!!~~

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      1. Haha! Yes finally! I took some break from work and wp. Ever since am bk, am still trying to catchup..😉 So happy to see that you noticed that i didn’t read 🤗.

        You deserve every bit of appreciation, you dont have to say anything. Keep writing! I’ll be looking fwd.

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