How to knit perfect lies?

i. Don’t look at her eyes, she might judge your feelings just by the pupil movements.

ii. Don’t let her look at her watch and question you about the delay.

iii. Don’t hug or lean over her, she might ask you about the strange perfume smell.

iv. Offer kisses and hugs as bribes to leave her mesmerised in your warmth

v. Don’t forget to smile, okay? She might ask the reason behind your confused face.

vi. “Babe, I can’t and won’t leave you”, utter this sentence once in a while so that she trusts you to the eternity.

vii. Make sure that your lies are sweet as honey but less viscous as water.

viii. Add scattered bits of truth to infuse some essence to the lies you weave.

ix. Balance your breath, don’t panic or blabber. Stay calm, think twice before you convince her with flawless lies.

x. Focus, focus keenly on the story you narrate her and don’t end it abruptly.

xi. Lastly, add coats of flattery and compliments making her numb, if your lies are coated with love, she’ll listen to them too.

These guidelines may help you,
but are you not guilt-stricken,
betraying a girl who believe you and your love?

L-O-V-E is anterior to life, posterior to death, initial of creation and the exponent of breath, but sometimes can be a pure form L-I-E-S .
You’ve come so far, yet so embedded with emeralds of half-truth and sweet fables.

Relationships too often survive through the unrealistic promises, huge expectations and anticipations.
Bonds that must be transparent as glass are opaque with the screens of lies,
remove them.

Read the words in bold from the beginning,
do you realize?
Hardest part is knowing the truth and still being ears to all lies,
do you think why?

Thank you so much for reading!🌻


54 thoughts on “How to knit perfect lies?

  1. What a creative, touching post, Hemalatha. Beautiful and exquisite like always. Stay strong, you are amazing and deserve someone who loves you with their whole heart ❤

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  2. For A Minute
    i Thought You
    Got the Instructions

    Only Guys
    Read Before


    Left or Right

    Why Do They

    Still Fulfill


    To Lie To ‘Win’

    There Are Plenty

    Who Will Still Say Yes…

    And Honestly



    View From

    The Bottom

    Of the Roller


    Up Only

    To Truly Win

    Is To Understand

    Human Nature And

    Transcend We




    And The Farther

    The Top of

    The Roller


    Is From The

    Bottom The

    More A Thrill it
    Is Yet A Middle


    For Any
    True Relationship

    That Lasts With

    Heavy Sweat

    Pants on

    Hair Unbrushed

    In The Middle

    Of Making Warmest

    Soup Never Too

    Hot Or Cold

    For An Everlasting Fall

    Winter Of Loving Spring

    Summer Comes And

    Goes Remember

    The other

    75 Cents

    Of A Love Dollar..🌳

    Or Whatever


    Is Where You Live

    Money Of Love Spring💫

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      1. SMiles Dear Lived
        Long Enough to
        See The Heaven

        And Hell


        In Between

        So Sweet So
        Warm Everlasting
        Indeed In Fact My


        Is 50

        Almost 51

        Love Will


        Stop You

        From Aging

        Photos Of My

        Wife Without


        On My



        Not Tell

        A Lie And My
        Blood is Still


        This Love At 60 True

        Love Cures All





        Of Breath Driving

        Us Transcending

        All Life


        To Give

        And Share

        Free With Least

        Harm Shall We Love

        Yes To Truly Breathe Fully😊


  3. My inner eye
    provides for you
    and after the encounter

    the internal clock
    knows no year numbers

    Your magic was so great
    that I am your wish
    could not follow

    Your lips
    Your eyes
    quake half a century
    in me after

    You never left me inside
    in my heart
    you go since then

    If I were to lie
    then been
    my awe
    before you
    bypassed my shame
    I would have hugged you

    the true of the truth
    between the magic
    two beings
    I never understood
    never got to ventilate

    my stories
    mean little
    every human being
    carries a library
    of narratives
    inside yourself

    today is enough
    in passing
    the charisma
    of a moving person
    so that I get full
    without anyone
    Eye contact
    without any touch

    before i was
    was night
    in the womb
    after which the umbilical cord is separated
    is the night
    stayed in me

    the lies is the detour
    the real truth
    knows no living being
    no human

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