NaPoWriMo – 2021

Hello everyone!
I hope you’re doing good.
I’m still being on and off here, just to be consistent in blogging and to improve my writing skills I decided to participate in NaPoWriMo – 2021.

I participated in #30dayshaikuproject this January and I tried my best to write haikus, and the outcome were satisfactory too.

So, next exploration is this challenge. I’ll be posting all the poems that I write from April 1-30 in WordPress and in my Instagram page stories, to get all of your feedbacks, coz, when I feel low and when I feel that I couldn’t write, a positive comment from someone just lifts me up to an infinite level.

And, anybody who would like to join, take part with no hesitation. All you have to do is submit your website’s link in this page and your name will appear in the participant’s list. You can read other participant’s entries through their links as well. Tap on this Link to know more about it.

I hope that I’ll manage to write for straight 30 daysss!
Wish me good luck! ❤️


21 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo – 2021

  1. Meine Unruhe
    ist die Antwort
    der Seele
    dass ich
    meine Schritte
    in die falsche
    Richtung bewege

    wenn meine Worte
    keinen anderen
    Menschen berühren

    dann sagt mir
    meine Seele
    ohne Worte dazu

    dass sie
    meine Stimme
    nicht braucht

    für den Segen
    den sie jedem
    in seinem Innersten
    im Quell offenbart

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