A poem

I wish to write a poem on love,
that dances to the soft acoustics,
that sings along the classic songs,
that builds kinship not wrecks
and settles in cold water, like titanic.
I wish to write a poem on love.
that is free of desperation and longings,
that does not wait for the time to bloom
but bears new buds every minute,
that does not be a synonym of sacrifice,
but pacifies fierce soul with faith
and brings purpose to existence,
that does not fill the heart with remorse and guilt
but brushes across your face like an unexpected breeze.
I wish to write a poem on love
and not couple it with disappointment,
and not give a sad ending,
and not let it seek impossibility,
and not soak it in emptiness,
and not cage it in mind palace,
and not safeguard in memories
and not cage them in attic box,
and not confide, hide
and kill it in slow-motion.
i wish to write a poem on love,
that has its boundaries,
that has pauses and breaks,
that has different interests,
that shares nothing in common,
that establishes bright red flags,
that not says but screams ‘no’,
that has pillows in between.
I wish to write a poem on love
and hold it close to my chest
and let it listen to my heartbeat
that whispers his name,
i wish to write a poem on love,
about love, to love,
like it’s the last poem of mine.

Happy new year, y’all! No more ghostings on WP 🤍


42 thoughts on “A poem

  1. wowzer Hema…. yet everyone since Lennon asks a lot of love as if it is all we need… and maybe, this is true… but like the foot and the shoe there’s a lot to do… in rain or shine, to run, jump, skip, fall down and climb, or go naked from time to time….like love the foot and the shoe have lots to do…. treat them well and both can last a life time too….

    *I love your writing Hema your words tip toe along life’s way….. gracefully and pretty neat too…. thank you for taking the steps and dipping your toe in the water… behold you caught a shoe… lol lol Happy, Happy New year to you and your shoe(s) *

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  2. Indeed Dear Hemalatha i Love To Write Poems to Love As

    Well And How Beautiful Your Poem is To Love As Well
    It Even Brings A Classic Song Upon A Ship Dedicated

    To This Life This Love of Nature

    Of Every Leaf Of Every Tree

    Feeding Above So Below

    Falling to Soils Still For

    Souls of New Wintergreen

    Water Wave Ocean Whole

    Fair Winds Following Seas of

    Flowers Summer Peaking in All
    The Brightest Sunshine Colors

    Fall Promising Winter Rest for
    Even More Beautiful Love of Nature Next

    How Deep The Ocean Will Be For Love’s Breath

    To Create Even Newer Colors of Human iMaGiNaTioN

    Set Free to BREaTHE Underwater SaMe Beyond The Stars

    Every Word Becomes A New Creation Fond Memories For Others

    To Touch
    As They
    THeiR Inner
    UNIVerSE oF LoVinG

    More Every Breath
    Inhaling Peace NoW

    Exhaling LoVE iN JoY

    iN Creation Activity

    oF LIGHT Coloring

    Even More Giving
    Sharing Caring Healing

    So Free With Least Harm
    to Paint the World ThiS Way

    As Even A Stone May Be Romanced

    As Big As The Moon For A New Midnight

    Dream Brightly Lit For Love to Rise Again Free
    Thanks For Such An Inspiring Poem Indeed We

    Have a Lifetime to Romance Every Grain of Sand Every Star We Create

    Last Farewell Will Still Be First Breath Thanks We Carry On GivinG Love..:)

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