My incomplete poems are numerous questions to god asking him the reasons for the prejudice at birth and unfair deaths,
My incomplete poems are answers to the people offering unsolicited advice like – take a plastic surgery to get rid of your scar,
My incomplete poems are a moment of silence to souls seeking salvation without appreciating blooms of flowers, warmth of moonlight, motion of clouds, veins in withered leaves and the joy in ferris wheels,
My incomplete poems are an ode to acne prone skin, an ode to stretch marks, an ode to defects, an ode to body hair, an ode to everything that’s less appreciated ,
My incomplete poems are the smallest reasons i look for – everywhere, at home, in someone’s eyes, in memories to make my existence more meaningful,
My incomplete poems are attempts to rewrite the laws, rewrite fate of people, rewrite the widespread notions of femininity and beauty,
My incomplete poems are the greatest efforts to paraphrase pain, love grief, romanticise void and unlove humans,
My incomplete poems are the never-ending ted talks with mirror and speeches preaching the art of living, just preaches,
My incomplete poems are meaningless phrases, complex words trying its best to capture the raw feeling my heart senses,
My incomplete poems are a set of questionnaire measuring the sensitivity of man who are thought to be rigid having high young’s modulus, my questionnaire are broken attempts to prove that men change shape, men cry with emotional overload,
My incomplete poems are unfulfilled dreams, stories of struggles and unacknowledged success,
My incomplete poems are the unsent letters to Santa Claus and tooth fairies, to people who broke my tender heart right from the age of 5 by teaching me what disappointment is,
My incomplete poems are songs to unsung female characters in life, in mine and in yours,
My incomplete poems are the silent NO’s, no other go ‘YES’s’,
My incomplete poems are the unheard voices against misogyny, agony, anguish, woes in every households,

My incomplete poems are nothing but poems written to myself and they are meant to be incomplete.

Thank you so much for reading!


14 thoughts on “Incomplete

  1. the lawsuit
    is directed
    to myself

    it is difficult
    other people
    to be able to really understand

    the most difficult
    is it
    really me
    me about myself
    becoming clear and conscious


  2. Do Lyrics Need MuSiC NoW
    Not Really When Dancing
    Expressing Songs Of Soul

    Yes When Free Expressing All
    Vulnerabilities We Come Now
    To Misplace And Forget Fears

    It Wasn’t Then Until i Celebrated
    A Valley Whole Before Now i See
    New Mountain Building Complete

    So Now What Is Left On Top Of
    A Mountain Indeed Yes Building
    A New Valley Climbing Even Higher

    Yes Dear Hemalatha Casually Dancing
    Around my Neighborhood Block in Another
    Beautiful Spring-Like Northwest Florida Day of Joy

    i Caught A Glimpse of Your Free Associations in Your
    Poem on the Way Hearing A Word Press Notification For it

    And On my Facebook Statuses i Sketched The Verses Returning

    From mY SoUL
    Freely Inspired

    By Sparks of
    Your Poetry So Free Above

    True Like What Happens When
    Ya Turn A Lamp on in A Dimly Lit

    Room It LiGHTS Up Of Course For
    Creation Activity For Those Pre-Disposed

    In A Life of Competition Often Above and
    Beyond Corroboration The Actions and Consequences

    Of Life Are Often Centered Around Fitting in What Ever Flavor
    Work, School, Church, Home And Other Traditions of Cultures

    Bring For Us to Fit in to Not Get Excluded in All of What Everyone
    Else is Doing So Indeed to Play Free Expressing All Vulnerabilities

    In Dark Through Joy oF LiGHT to Slay or Even Misplace Fears May

    Be Very Difficult Indeed to Step out of the Box And Do Yet Hooray As
    Even in Very Restricting Localities of Culture in All these Ways Now Online
    And Safe Anonymity May Allow One to Better Develop Art And Become An

    Integrated Human Being With All Shadows and LiGHT More Fully Expressed
    And Fully Exposed Without Consequences That May Come From Free Agency

    Of Expressing Soul in Day to Day Life of Fitting in Again and Again And Again


    So Much

    Freedom Just

    to ‘be me’ Free With
    Loving SMiLes For All This Gift
    of Life DarK Thru LiGHT MoRE NoW
    Hehe It’s True Celebrating 16,000 Miles
    of Public Dancing in 100 Months It Would

    Have Been So Hard to Keep A Job And Get
    Promoted So Out of the Cultural Literal Box Then
    of Screen Life Now With A Dance Of Moving BREaTHE

    to See More New
    Fully mY FRiEnD
    An Autotelic Flow
    of Focus That Does

    Most Definitely Sprout
    Broader Wings of Creativity
    to Dance And Sing So Much Freer Now..:)


  3. I really enjoyed the depth in this Hema. I like the sound of these uncompleted poem… They are the perfect space for reflection and growth. This really is an outstanding piece you have published 👏


  4. I completely incompletely get the real of this…. especially the acne bit as my first achievement was to be on the top 5 of the most spotty people in the UK when in my teens… but also because you flip negation of form on its head which I think is pretty neat… And, and I say this again… you got something going on with your writing Hema, although I am getting a bit lazy with mine as you write so well and it hits the spot… pun intended ha ha ha… Brilliant, Hema… And, and, and… thanks for making the effort too…


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