There’s a void and all peace here. The vastness, the sweet whispers that reach ears of wrecked hearts, the water gently touching feet and vanishing like the memories of old lovers
The sight of people holding hands, sharing smiles, food, and shoulders. Looking at the children living a life that is full of life. Looking at nature treating people unbiased. The strange minutes of being stared at. Birds ruling skies, humans walking around, bubbles dying in seconds, crabs playing in the sand, ice cream melting down, unknown flowers and places.
Small things are big.

I let go of worries I carried all year onshore and in shells. I let go of things that I need not carry in the air that speaks in the language of hope. I let go of them and listen to the sea uttering ‘heal’ in silence.

At this moment, I have the light in my heart and faith in mind.
This moment is therapeutic, this moment of understanding life, writing down countless thoughts that shift quickly is more therapeutic.
This moment feels beautiful, I feel more beautiful.

see the sea
(picture belongs to Hemalatha Ramesh)

Today was one of the days which you could think about in the future and be proud for all you accomplished, all that you learnt and all that you lived. The day was surreal and truly overwhelming. My small heart is incapable of getting over the little moments. I had to pen down the rollercoaster of emotion I experienced when I got to touch the sand, feel the sea. I typed them down as I wanted to preserve them because this is a precious day that I could never choose to forget.

Thank you so much for reading :’)


11 thoughts on “Introspection

  1. SMiLes Dear Hemalatha HeART Beat
    of the Beach Waves Of Ocean Life Within

    We Gain By Becoming Water Free Shores
    Open Expanding Within Yes Introspection

    Deeper into Soul of Being Comes
    Foot Prints in the Sand As

    Beach Becomes our
    Feet Ocean

    Becomes our
    Blood Breath
    Becomes the Waves

    That Carry Every Inhale
    of Peace Exhale of Love HIgher

    As Unity Becomes A Way of Breathing
    Life in Flow As Waves Become Ocean

    Whole Water Streaming Through Our
    Veins to Yes Let Go oF All Worries

    Before Cool Breeze Salt Water
    Touches Toes Balancing We

    Just Waves Sweeping
    Soul Shores Clear to Feel FLoWinG
    Naked, Enough, Whole Complete For Real…
    SMiles i’ve Lived Close to Some of the Most
    Beautiful Beaches in the World All my Life Emerald
    Green Waves Verily Influences Flow of my Soul Freer…
    Whenever i Visit Beach Transfiguring into Higher Wings New…
    Best of All Is Keeping Beach Within Always Staycationing Now…:)


      1. There certainly are! WordPress is strange with its algorithms. Don’t let that discourage you. I hope you enjoy more wonderful experiences, which will be the fulcrum of more enjoyable writing 🙂


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