That’s the thing about healing. You are tired of everything but you, unconsciously take an extra mile towards peace. You are lost in chanting miseries like mantras yet you are always present for a friend who’s crawling around grief. You lie on the bed hopeless but that warm ray of sunshine entering the room through cracks in the door makes you feel better. Years and days pass by, you suddenly look back and realise you are not who you were yesterday, you realise that you’ve come long and longways which was first assumed impossible, you do not try to be a better version of yourself but you transform to something like stardust every minute and every moment. You don’t be proud but rather be gratified for all that you could. And that’s the thing about healing.

Thank you so much, for reading.


9 thoughts on “Healing

  1. Giving When Almost Every Other Person
    Is Giving Up Is A Key to Wild Flowers


    And No

    As Weeds SMiLEs
    Dear Hemaltha ‘Butterflies

    Are Free to Fly’ Human Flowers
    aRe ALways Free to Spread Love

    As Withering

    May Be
    Come New Wild
    FLoWeRS Never Seen Before

    A Garden Of Love We Plant
    Returns Blooming Our Beauty of Love Within..:)


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