Gaze #6

from my poetry journal

it was her eyes, I fell in love with,
warm as sunshine and blankets,
that speaks melancholic winter,
serene spring and arrestive autumn,
it’s the thesis, no one can understand,
they’re deep as ocean in which
I drown and drown,
it holds truth and innocence,
when she cries,
the tears roll down her cheeks as melted gold,
that no one could hold,
when I’m lost,
I find myself in her pupils,
they’re an exit portal to a new world,
of, me and her,
everyday, I thank the universe
for blessing me with eyesight,
letting me gaze at her
iridescent eyes.

Thank you so much for reading!❤️


17 thoughts on “Gaze #6

    1. I started this piece thinking about my mother since it was her birthday that day!! I couldn’t continue in that perspective and I changed the concept.

      I’m astonished that you felt this way ma’am!
      Thank you…💕

      Liked by 1 person

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