dreams #9

from my poetry journal

Can I take a picture of my dreams?
It is a kaleidoscope whose reflecting surfaces
reflects my thoughts and things I secretly wish for,
from sleeping on cloud to fixing my broken relationship,
I dream of everything,
mostly of things I couldn’t fulfill ever,
but it fills the void in me,
to some it’s right, to some it’s wrong,
to some it’s dark, to some it’s light,
to some it’s soft, to some it’s hard,
they say,
opposite poles attract,
I connect least with people who defend my thoughts,
yet they complete me,
ask me why?
I’ve no answer.
Am I an antithesis, a rhetoric person?
I’ve no answer.
We can’t be everything to everyone
but still be true to ourselves,
yes, I’m lost in dreams
you can see me
waiting for the flowers in me to bloom
too much of self-love, is it?

I couldn’t write yesterday, and I came up with this short piece today.

Thank you so much for reading! ❤️

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