Unplanned and unedited #4

one my zentangle art

Thinking about the unfinished books, incomplete poems, half-done painting, yet to be cleaned cupboard, about the mess in my mind, about the fragmented thoughts passes each day at home.

The random conversation with people who are miles, states away, the discussions of different perspective on the most common thing, about the uncertainties, about the unfair treatment, about the importance of a void that’s meant to be always there for us to understand the meaning of presence, passes each day at home.

Each day at home, is new. It is beautiful and blurry. The future is the mirror of present, the past are the broken reflections of one.

We are fierce, wild, delicate, vulnerable, fragile. We are boycotted dreams and unfulfilled desires.

How versatile life is, how multifaceted humans are.

This is a write-up that’s based on my life. I know it is incoherent. It lacks flow and each stanza is no way related to the previous one, it is raw and honest. I don’t have any second choices or I wouldn’t archive posts under this title as I would be proud to look at and read these in the future. I would look back at these immature or confused thoughts in life, with pride.

Thank you so much for reading!


38 thoughts on “Unplanned and unedited #4

  1. SMiLes Dear Hemalatha
    THere is Poetry That Sings

    From SouL Eternally Now

    There is Poetry That

    Talks Science That

    Speaks From Rules

    Yet Your Soul Is No Age
    For Verily i Feel and Sense

    At 3 My Soul No More Evolved

    Then Than Now Oh How it Took

    Until 53 Years to Discard All the

    Clothes of CuLTuRE And

    Regain A More


    Soul of the

    Child Who Has Been
    Here Forever With EYes
    of God Same As We aRe ALL
    Born And Reborn At Best Again

    When We Lose Clothes That Cover
    Yes All the Tools That Cover Our


    Now And

    Songs of Soul Free

    For It’s True There is
    Reason Beyond Logic

    For It’s True Now Magic

    Is in the Chaos of the Ocean

    Deepest Rising to Surface

    Of Skies That Never End

    Even Deeper


    Ocean Within
    Greatest Art Ever Done
    Is Art That is Lasting As

    Our Souls Are Deep
    Still RiSinG Higher Coming Free..:)

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  2. That is what life is all about. No one can predict with certainity what’s going to happen the next minute. Life is Just goes on and one got to find his or her own flow in it.
    Stay blessed always.

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      1. Dear sissy…. It’s good to know that you miss me… πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ I miss myself.. 🀣
        Want to write something desperately, but my mind doesn’t cooperate!! I am like this 😞😞 right now.

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